Leonard Brooks Paints

Wood Finishes

The following finishing products are available in this range:

French base coat sealers (cellulose) for sealing wood. Spray 1-2 coats, flash off between each coat, allow to dry - then de-nib using 240 grit opencoat paper or use Pullover mixture to finish the basecoat giving an even surface to apply the topcoat.

Supercat basecoat sealer can also be used for sealing and preparing of wood and MDF prior to finish. Supercat basecoat is applied in the same way as the French base coat sealer although it cannot be pulled over. Supercat basecoat has a minimum temperature requirement of 15C to activate the catalyst in the product. We would recommend using Supercat basecoat sealer in areas that require more mar resistance and heat protection than cellulose.
Either of the Basecoat Sealers can be applied over our Topcoat Lacquers. Both Basecoat Sealers are available in a huge range of colours. If while de-nibbing any of the Basecoat Sealers is found to clog the paper, that is a sure sign of insufficient drying and/or flash off time has been allowed.

Topcoat lacquer finishes. Once wood furniture is finished, stained and Basecoated - the Topcoat can be applied. All our Topcoat wood finishes are available in an unlimited range of colours and can be ordered in gloss or satin or matt finish.

French cellulose lacquers. Ambient temperature is important while applying this product as it affects viscosity and therefore needs thinning with our Top-Gloss thinner, or retarding using our Retarder in warm conditions to achieve a satisfactory flow out.  It is recommended that 1-2 coats are applied allowing flash-off between coats. If a pulled over finish is required, this can only be achieved by using our pullover, which is sufficiently strong enough to reactivate the top surface of the finish. Using a lint free cloth made into a fad (using wadding) soak with pullover solution making sure the excess liquid is squeezed out, so as not to flood the job. Use circular and linear motions to achieve the wood finish required.

Supercat lacquer is applied in the same way as the French lacquers, although it has a minimum heat requirement of 15C to activate the catalyst. Being a melamine base product it gives added heat and mar resistance over the cellulose products. This product is not recommended for Pullover technique.

Acid cat conformance lacquers are conformance products having a solids content of 65%. Acid cat lacquer has excellent mar resistance making it ideally suited for kitchens, bathrooms and bar tops. For optimum levels of resistance it is recommended that a slightly thinned - using A/C thinner - first coat of A/C Lacquer is used as a Basecoat. Allow this Basecoat finish to dry then denib using 240 grit open coat paper than apply Acid Cat Top Coat Finish

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