Leonard Brooks Paints

Industrial Paint Applications.

We have a large number of industrial paint system applications.

Chloro-alkyd enamels. Quick drying topcoat with high resistance to chemical and environmental attacks. This is used for spray applications of all kinds of industrial metallic components.

Chlorinated rubber. Very quick drying topcoat with a high resistance to chemical attack and corrosion in damp places. It is used to protect industrial items which require damp proof qualities.

Synthetic finish. Oven dry at temperatures 80C or 120C synthetic enamel for stoving, providing a durable, hard and a high gloss finish. This application is used for top-coating of metallic furniture, small appliances, office furniture and small ferrous metal items. Also available in satin or matt finishes.

Acrylic finish. 2K acrylic enamel paint for solid colours and direct gloss metallic colours, giving a good resistance to atmospheric attack providing good colour fastness and a very high gloss level.

Polyurethane finish. 2K high gloss and opacity with very good resistance to chemical attack, recommended for all industrial use applications and commercial vehicles. Also available in matt or satin finishes.

Fast drying enamel 610. Synthetic based enamel providing high gloss finish with good adhesion to bare metal/steel. Suitable for industrial paint applications, also for engineering and agricultural paint use.

Textured polyurethane finish. 2K textured enamel with excellent hardness and ease of application. Recommended as paint for industrial items made of ferrous metals.

Extra anti-rust. Phosphated nitro finish enamel with very fast drying properties and high gloss finish together with ease of application suitable for all materials.

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