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PorscheMost new cars leave the factory in a 2K car paint finish. However, metallic colours and some cars new solid colours are base-coat and clear. 2K means 2 components are mixed together i.e. paint and hardener, then either air dried or baked. The metallic base-coats are made in polyester and are applied after having added thinners, then the lacquer is sprayed on separately - the lacquer is 2K. We supply all colours, 2K primers, plastic primers and soft face additives, which are needed to repair all those plastic parts which are now being used on modern cars. Also all modern sealing systems for wind screen and car body joints are also available.

Aston Restoration of veteran & classic cars. We have a comprehensive stock of car paints, materials and equipment required for restoration. Because we have been in this business for over 50 years, our large colour library enables us to find even the oldest original car paint colours and match them correctly.
Traditional repair materials such as lead and solder paste are still stocked. Together with modern materials and repair systems and tools makes our range one of the most comprehensive on the market. Our expert counter staff are always happy to advise and to answer any questions and inquiries.

Motorcycle paint and repair systems
Motorcycle repair systems. There is a complete repair system for fairings and other motorcycle plastic parts are available. The kit contains everything needed to effect an excellent repair, including step by step instructions. We also have a repair kit to see to scratches, scuffs and gouges. All the motorcycles paint colours are obtainable from us either in paint form or in aerosols. Plastic welding guns and ABS rods are also available for use on motorcycles.

Leather and vinyl coatings. Single process application of leather and vinyl coatings. Chemical bond rather than surface coating, no CFCS, non-toxic, in situ application. Also available in aerosols, limitless range of colours, variable gloss level, rapid drying, UV stable pigments, weather resistant, suitable for all types of plastics.

Cellulose. All major paint companies are phasing out the production of this versatile and easy to use paint system. We however will stock this material for a long time to come. It is essential for restoration purposes. Its ease of application and fast drying properties makes it a firm favourite with industry and the DIY enthusiast. We also have a huge data base of paint colours in this system.

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