Leonard Brooks Paints

Paint System in Engineering

Industrial nitro finish enamel paint with very fast drying properties and a high gloss finish together with ease of engine paintapplication suitable for all materials.

Epoxy gloss enamel 2K. With excellent hardness super gloss and smooth finish. Used in engineering for coating machinery performing in a special environment such as chemical or corrosive, for example, chemical plants, paper industry and galvanic bathes. It is not recommended for outside surfaces. Sunlight tends to dull the gloss level. Epoxy is also available in a textured and or matt finish.

Epoxy filler. 2K with high filling powers and low absorption of topcoats. Can be used in a wet on wet painting of topcoats. Can be used on ferrous metals.

Epoxy vinyl finish. 2K epoxy-vinyl topcoat provides a very smooth finish with good final appearance which may be recoated without sanding even after a long period. It is highly recommended for use in a chemical and corrosive atmosphere. Not recommended for outside use.

Hammer finishes are available in all colours either in a nitro-base or a polyurethane or synthetic base to be used on all bare metal or previously painted structures or engineering components. Excellent for outside use.

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