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Commercial and Agricultural Vehicles Refinishing Products

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lorry paint Commercial vehicles are usually finished in 2K polyurethane on cabs and single polys on the bodies and chassis. There is also a certain amount of alkyd based paint still in use when refinishing older commercial vehicles, particularly older vans. We also stock a type of polyurethane, which is suitable for brushing, or in particular for rollering.

Agricultural vehicles and equipment in the main is painted using either alcyd base enamels or polyurethane. However 2K paints are used more and more on tractors and other agricultural machinery giving better resistance against weather and chemicals. All the traditional and new colours such as Deutz Massey, Dowdswell, Kvaerner etc are always in stock.

coatings Anti rust coatings. There are large number of anti rust coatings on the market of which we stock a number but only those products which we have tried and tested over the years.

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