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Aerosols and Colour Matching Service

All our Aerosols are custom-filled on the premises with any type of paint system that is used in the Car and Commercial Vehicle Industry, as well as in the Agricultural sector.
Leonard Brooks will provide and match any colour that is or has ever been used or issued.
We can match and then fill Aerosols in all British, European and American Standard colours. Newly available are Pantone and NCS (Dulux Natural Colour) colours. In addition, we are able to put any paint supplied by the client into Aerosols.

Ask about the unique Colour Matching Service from Leonard Brooks:
This service is available in any of our classic or advanced paint systems, subject to a minimum quantity of 500ml. Once the colour is matched, we can fill Aerosols from it for your convenience.

Paint Systems for the 21st Century

AQUA - MAX: Water based "Friendly Technology"   Practical and simple, high pigment concentration means high coverage. Exceptional drying times: 1-2 minutes between coats, 20-30 minutes to clear-coat, masking 8-10 minutes. Easy and reliable spot repairs.
Contains only 4% of solvents, as against 12% in the first generation of Waterborne basecoats.
No special spraying or drying equipment needed.

Texture coatings. These are used in car refinishing as well as in industry. It is usually found on car bumpers and interiors. A limitless range of colours is always available, together with all the aprobiate primers and additives.

VOC compliance
The low solvent contents and the absence of odours makes a marked improvement in the workplace in terms of safety and health.
Product free of labelling according to directives: EEC 379/88.D.L.285/98.D.L52/97 and following modifications.

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